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3D Property Showcase

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A Supreme Scene 3D Showcase is the most amazing and effective way to digitally present a property to the world today. 3D showcases are interactive presentations which combine a complete interactive 3D “walk through”, a complete interactive 3D Model, as well as a 3D photo realistic interactive Floor Plan.

Complete interactive 3D “walk through”:
Key Word: Complete. Virtually walk around, into, and through each room, space, hallway, and corridor with the ability to look around in all directions every step of the way just as if you’re exploring in person. Go everywhere and see everything.

Complete interactive 3D Model aka “Doll House View”:
View and maneuver around an accurate 3D model of the entire property as if you are looking at a Doll House.
Spin it around and see exactly how all of the rooms and spaces are situated and flow in relation to one another inside the property.
At any moment click the area inside the property you want to explore and you will immediately zoom back into the 3D “walk through” 360º virtual tour.

Interactive 3D Floor Plan:
View an attractive and dimensionally accurate photo realistic floor plan of the property with the ability to click on a room at any time to immediately zoom back into the 3D “walk through” 360º virtual tour.

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What else? Do more than just view the property…

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What are the Benefits of having a 3D Showcase?

  • Distinguish yourself and your brand.
  • attain new customers.
  • assist your customers to make very important decisions more rapidly.
  • display the development stages of construction and remodeling projects.
  • help your remote customers by saving them time and trip costs.
  • save more time, and make more money.

Do 3D Showcases work on mobile devices?

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How much does it cost?
Prices are in the range of only 15 cents per square foot and less. Prices go down greatly the larger the property. Extremely affordable for such an amazing, cutting edge, effective, time saving and money making marketing instrument.
So do not hesitate, get out in front of your competition today.

What is included in the price?
The price of your 3D showcase includes the 3D scan, which utilizes our special 3D camera to capture all of the subject property imagery, as well as all post processing, production, and uploading of your 3D Showcase for the world to see. The price also includes your 3D Showcase direct link, QR Code, Embed Code, and your “raw” 3D Model file (.obj) which can be customized further by us or any 3D professional for a variety of other exciting possibilities.

What is NOT included in the price?
We currently offer free hosting for the first year. After the first year the Hosting fees are no longer included as each unique 3D Showcase must be hosted within the 3D Showcase player engine and platform for distribution. After the first year the hosting fees are only $30 per year.

How do I schedule my 3D Showcase?
Contact us now at (305) 300-3663 to schedule your 3D Showcase
and to inquire about any details.
You may also email us at: info@SupremeScene.com

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Supreme Scene skillfully captures and produces these immersive visual experiences and interactive digital presentations for many industries including Real Estate, Construction, Retail, Hospitality, Insurance, forensic animation and many more.

Miami based Supreme Scene is South Florida‘s first and only photography company to offer Matterport’s incredible cutting edge technology to the market. We also travel to locations outside of South Florida to serve our clients needs. Additionally, we have the ability to recommend and refer trusted 3D Showcase providers around the world to you.

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We are thrilled to announce that Matterport is now available in Miami and South Florida!

Supreme Scene has adopted and invested in Matterport’s amazing new 3D capture and creation system in order to continue to bring the most advanced and professional imaging technology to you first.

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