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Customize your tour

Want to connect with and engage your customers more effectively?

Want to turn your virtual tour into a “virtual store” and sell products directly within?

Take it to the next level!
Customize your Google virtual tour.
Provide a sleeker, more informative and interactive experience!

Here’s an example!

Pan around and check out the strategically placed links and pop up boxes that appear throughout.
Click on the sections in the top left of the window below and look for customizations in each scene.
Comes with auto rotation, Google Analytics and endless possibilities!

Here is the same tour without any customization, as it appears directly on Google Maps:

View Larger Map

Give us a call to discuss your vision for your business customized Google virtual tour!

(305) 300-3663

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  • Amazing technology! Really fantastic!

  • This is Virtual Reality! Supreme Scene brings the viewer into another world!

  • This is super cool…pan around by click-dragging the mouse and zoom in withe the scroll wheel. Thahk you Lenny!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amazing photo! Thanks Lenny Kagan for the expert camera work!!

  • What a great idea love watching it

  • A big THANK YOU to +Lenny Kagan and +Supreme Scene Virtual Tours for shooting my orthodontic office today!

  • That’s pretty cool

  • I love it…never heard of this!

  • Very nice. I’ve often seen this done with real estate photos and iconic tourist locations, but not seen it done for personal portraits. Well done.

  • Whoa! My eyes jumped up and slapped the back of my brain.

  • Supreme Scene’s 360º tours and photos always look great and are of the highest quality

  • We use Supreme Scene for all our high end real estate clients who need photography and virtual tours

  • The finished product was excellent and I believe that it has helped in my page ranks etc.

  • I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Supreme Scene again and absolutely recommend them to all of my friends and family. Thank you for an easy hassle-free experience with ‘supreme’ results.