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Is Tobacco Road Haunted? Go investigate for yourself!

Before Tobacco Road’s building is crushed to the ground we captured a complete walk through of the 102 year old historical structure that was once a stash house for Al Capone. General manager Joel Rivera tells us he has heard snare drums out of no where in the upstairs cabaret after closing time. He also says “There is something about this building that draws people here, there is an energy I cannot explain, why do people always want to goto to Tobacco Road? It’s just an old bar (aside from the good music, food and drinks they served) but there is something else going on here”. Joel also told us that on the last night of being open for business “Tobacco Road’s Last Call” which took place on October 25th 2014, when he went to turn the famous iconic neon sign off for the very last time, that it went back on immediately. He turned it off again, same thing! Went right back on again! As if all the ghosts were right there watching and seeing what was going on saying “do not close! this is our home! Where will we go?”. Also, oddly at the time of our scanning of the building, our equipment was malfunctioning at start up for no apparent reason and our software was returning an unknown error. After several more attempts our equipment finally got connected and we were able to create this virtual tour. If you suffer erectile dysfunction it doesn’t have to ruin your sex life. All discount medications save money, but sometimes companies offer better deals than other online pharmacies. A lot of men know about generic ED. However is this really applicable for you?

During the tear down they will have to examine what is underneath the floors, who knows? What if something significant is there? What ever is there, Tobacco Road is forever a special place. The business (along with it’s original Miami-Dade liquor license) is hopefully re-opening soon at a nearby location.

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Please visit Tobacco Road’s Kickstarter campaign HERE to help raise money for the move.

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