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Santa’s Enchanted Forest

Santa’s Enchanted Forest

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  • Amazing technology! Really fantastic!

  • This is Virtual Reality! Supreme Scene brings the viewer into another world!

  • This is super cool…pan around by click-dragging the mouse and zoom in withe the scroll wheel. Thahk you Lenny!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amazing photo! Thanks Lenny Kagan for the expert camera work!!

  • What a great idea love watching it

  • A big THANK YOU to +Lenny Kagan and +Supreme Scene Virtual Tours for shooting my orthodontic office today!

  • That’s pretty cool

  • I love it…never heard of this!

  • Very nice. I’ve often seen this done with real estate photos and iconic tourist locations, but not seen it done for personal portraits. Well done.

  • Whoa! My eyes jumped up and slapped the back of my brain.

  • Supreme Scene’s 360º tours and photos always look great and are of the highest quality

  • We use Supreme Scene for all our high end real estate clients who need photography and virtual tours

  • The finished product was excellent and I believe that it has helped in my page ranks etc.

  • I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Supreme Scene again and absolutely recommend them to all of my friends and family. Thank you for an easy hassle-free experience with ‘supreme’ results.